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Supply Chain Analyst

Location: Gainesville, TX
Job # 10760653
Date Posted: 03-28-2018
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The Supply Chain Analyst is responsible for driving improvements for assigned programs and processes including identifying and coordinating strategic changes that lead to cost reductions, quality improvements, and customer satisfaction throughout the supply chain (primary supplier performance). This position is also responsible for working with suppliers and internal organizations to optimize value streams, supplier quality, lead time, and product movement throughout the Supply Chain. The position uses analytical and quantitative methods to understand, predict, and enhance supply chain processes. Responsible for assembling data, analyzing performance, identifying problems, creating presentations, developing recommendations and deliver formal training packages for suppliers and internal organizations.  The supply chain analyst reports to the Senior Director of the Supply Chain or their designee.
  1. Develops and directs/instructs/participates in structured training courses (support supplier error proofing and assigned programs). Includes notifying and scheduling training dates / times with suppliers and internal department.
  2. Gathers and interprets relevant data (costs, productivity, defect patterns, etc.)
  3. Investigates problems, finds root causes, and coordinate development of solutions. Initiate effective internal communication required to drive rapid initiation of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to help eliminate supplier and internal special and common cause rejections.  This includes coordinating the issues with organizational functions such as Design Engineering (DE), Supplier Quality Engineering (SQE), Manufacturing Engineering (ME), Procurement, Material Planning, assembly line, etc responsible for providing a solution.
  4. Develops and monitors periodic performance reports and distributes them to stakeholders
  5. Provides analytical support for projects, new business opportunities, and proposals
  6. Coordinates delivery and quality improvement initiatives and other supply chain activities
  7. Responsible to coordinate the Designated Supplier Quality Representative (DSQR)
Program: Duties include:
  1. Coordinate and execute activities associated with the Designated Supplier Quality Representative (DSQR) process based on standard operating policies, procedures, and practices required to ensure goods and materials received from DSQR designated suppliers are processed to meet dock to stock and quality performance requirements.  Initiate and participate in corrective measures required to support DSQR supplier on-time delivery, dock to stock process improvements, and meet customer, regulatory and in process quality standards.
  2. Plan and schedule product inspection for DSQR and assigned suppliers supporting the monitor and control process. This includes: a) selection of supplier parts for inspection based on key characteristics (quality, complexity, line performance data);  b) Identify lots within ~ 6 months using MAPICS ( business system) and set routing through receiving inspection (RI); c) set RI flow time to support the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) process.
  3. Communicate with suppliers daily as required to provide rapid product rejection notification & initiate the supplier’s Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process (containment).   Provide objective evidence of cause for rejection (rejection tag, pictures, presentation).
  4. Audit DSQR approved supplier Purchase Orders (POs) and Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) to assure they contain accurate and complete information required to build parts.  Specifically the POs/T&Cs list the correct SPOCs specific to each commodity.  Also, that engineering revisions are called out and are clearly flowed down to the suppliers.  Initiate corrective actions by coordinating with Procurement, Supplier Quality Engineering, or Design Engineering organizations as required.
  5. Serve as an organizational and supplier focal to initiate and track the resolution of issues related to the DSQR process presented from the supplier to internal organizations or stakeholders (‘voice of the supplier’).
  6. Assure DSQR and assigned suppliers are receiving requirements needed to meet internal and regulatory receiving inspection requirements such as flow down of work instructions, quality assurance procedures, and engineering process specifications etc.  Assure revisions are flowing down to the suppliers.  Initiate corrective actions by coordinating with the procurement organization or engineering organization as required.
  7. Create and present DSQR supplier performance metrics to management. This includes informal (email, hard copies, etc.) and formal (meeting presenter) presentation of DSQR supplier performance.
  8. Measure and improve material and documentation flow (throughput – dock to stock) for DSQR line.  This includes creating and maintaining metrics representing key stages of dock to stock and supporting processes. Create and present DSQR throughput performance metrics to management.
  9. Participate in DSQR logistics and monitor & control process improvement initiatives.  This includes participating in and on occasion, leading rapid improvement teams as needed to improve an existing process or address an emerging problem.
  10. Maintain a communication log for all DSQR suppliers and an action register to track open issues.
  11. Assist as needed to keep DSQR material flowing to meet < 24 hours dock to stock objective.  Initiate corrective actions by coordinating with internal departments / stakeholders as required.
  12. Perform other duties as required.
  1. Knowledge and skills:
    Minimum: Knowledge of MAPICs and must have an understanding of MRP principles. Have the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, including the ability to manage assignments from multiple customers (internal and external). Experience and ability to work with customers (suppliers). Ability to handle stressful situations and challenges.  Must be able to interface with all departments within the company and work well with multi-cultural employees / customers.  Work independently with high level of confidentiality, professional standards and ethics. Demonstrate strong organizational skills in an office environment with in-depth familiarity to company rules and office procedure. Demonstrate good grammar and communication skills with the ability to work under pressure, set priorities, handle confidential and sensitive company matters and meet deadlines. Proficient knowledge and ability to produce documents using a computer (Microsoft Windows, Word, Visio, Project, Excel, Power Point and Internet and Lotus Notes).
    Preferred: Project management experience, basic understanding of Lean, Six Sigma Green Belt, team building.
  2. Education and/or Experience:
    Minimum: High School Diploma and a minimum of 5 plus years experience working in manufacturing.  Experience dealing with stressful situations and challenges. Experience interfacing with multiple levels of an organization (senior management through operators; customers and suppliers)
    Preferred: An Associate’s Degree in business, supply chain management, or equivalent.  Experience working in Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, Quality Control, or Supply Chain Management.  Green Belt Certification.  Project management experience or training.

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Gyna M. Bivens
President & Executive Director
North Texas LEAD

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