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Chief of Staff

Location: Fort Worth, TX
Job # 11243672
Date Posted: 08-06-2018
The Chief of Staff to the University Provost promotes academic excellence representing the interests and priorities of the Provost through effective communication, coordination, and integration of the Provost's initiatives, priorities, and objectives. The Chief of Staff performs a wide range of executive and academic administrative duties of broad scope and complexity requiring outstanding professional ability, mature judgment, creativity, and a thorough knowledge of the academic and administrative programs and organizational structure of the institution. S/he helps to set priorities among the many issues and constituents that compete for the Provost's time; filters, analyzes, and summarizes information flowing to and from the Provost; ensures the Provost is responsive to requests and inquiries and is prepared for meetings and events; serves as the Provost's liaison to internal and external parties at all levels; and tracks the Provost's "whole agenda" with an eye to the details but a perspective on the big picture. 

The Chief of Staff works as a close partner to the President's Chief of Staff, the Provost's administrative team, vice presidents, deans, and key partners across the UNTHSC as well as a range of external contacts. The position requires a commitment to creating the structures and protocols that will ensure progress on all fronts and enable smooth flow of information with multiple stakeholders. 

Representative Tasks: 

* Provide general oversight of the activities of the Provost office. 
* Exercise independent analysis and judgment in prioritizing situations requiring attention and take steps to ensure strategic and operational priorities progress in a timely fashion. 
* Manage flow of issues, projects, and problems within the office across the reporting units to the Provost. 
* Work closely with the Provost and other key colleagues to continually assess priorities, meet deadlines, track progress, direct work, and advance work on all fronts. 
* Monitor and manage Provost's participation in internal, external/public contexts. Assess, prioritize, and respond to invitations and requests for appearances or attendance at events, meetings, based on relative strategic value, overall priorities, and balance of attention/exposure. 
* Demonstrate strong organizational and interpersonal savvy, as well as emotional intelligence, in order to accurately represent the Provost position to internal and external constituencies. 
* Provide direct oversight of academic communications ensuring a coordinated and well-developed academic communication strategy. 
* Manage Provost's communication to and engagement with faculty, students, and the wider university community. 
* Supervise Provost administrative support team. 
* Lead special projects as assigned by the Provost. 
* Perform other related duties as assigned.  

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Gyna M. Bivens
President & Executive Director
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