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Environmental Administrator

Location: Gainesville, TX
Job # 11418149
Date Posted: 09-26-2018
Develops, implements, and maintains the company’s environmental  programs to ensure compliance with city, state, and federal regulations. Performs daily tasks to ensure facility compliance with OSHA, EPA and TCEQ requirements.
  1. Establishes facility record keeping and processes all hazardous materials.
  2. Manages all chemical requests and inventories to ensure proper labeling, use, storage, and disposal.
  3. Contracts with qualified vendors to ensure hazardous, non-hazardous and universal waste is properly contained and shipped off site for disposal.
  4. Prepares required federal, state, and local government reports relating to environmental issues as well as other reports requested by management.
  5. Monitors air, water, industrial hazardous, and solid waste in the facility to ensure compliance.
  6. Work with cross functional organizations to improve and develop effective and sustainable solutions for environmental challenges, risks, requirements and policy goals. 
  7. Verify compliance with Environmental regulations and company standards, and ensure all necessary programs and records are prepared and maintained according to established guidelines.
  8. Coordinate and perform workplace risk assessments and routine environmental audits, including recommended corrective actions.
  9. Reviews and maintains all Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and makes each one available to all employees for their review and information.
  10. Monitors for noise, fume and particulate exposure as needed.
  11. Develops and conducts employee training to ensure regulatory compliance.
  12. Manage pollution prevention program.
Knowledge and skills:
  1. Must have knowledge of environmental regulations.
  2. Must have strong administrative and organizational skills.
  3. Must be an effective communicator, motivator and leader.
  4. Ability to work a flexible schedule and occasional travel as required.
Education and/or Experience:
  1. Bachelor’s degree in related area or equivalent experience.
  2. Must be computer literate with PC training in Windows and Microsoft Office Programs.
  3. Must have experience with Statistical Process Control methods.

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Gyna M. Bivens
President & Executive Director
North Texas LEAD

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