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Manager, CBORD Operations

Location: Fort Worth, TX
Job # 11453417
Date Posted: 10-05-2018
Description: Responsible for managing diet office operations and monitoring the department’s performance with respect to timeliness, accuracy and overall customer service. Supports Executive Director and Patient Services Manager in menu planning and data input into CBORD system. Coordinates staff training and development in area of Patient Experience and therapeutic diets. Acts as a liaison between the food service department and nursing. Responsible for quality assurance monitoring and reporting for patient service program. Responsible for overseeing all effective operations of the CBORD software applications used by JPS Health to include a focus on the payroll deduction (Odyssey PCS), Nutrition Services Suite (NSS), Food Service Suite (FSS) System or any applications. Monitors the software system while able to trouble shoot issues with support from IT and vendor(s) to include general problem solving, maintaining data content in system, training others for best results, and general comprehension of the software as a subject matter expert when question surface. Typical Duties:
  1. Leads assigned diet office staff in the performance of work required to provide services independently. Develops and monitors internal controls in diet office that promote adherence to applicable regulations and laws. Fosters solid relationships with Nursing and other multidisciplinary teams and leaders. Manages staff daily while ensuring excellent service with all diet office personnel.
  2. Responsible for the overall effectiveness of the CBORD network system or any software applications in department with the exception of the interface programming and hardware configuration. Able to troubleshoot problems related to CBORD systems and computer software with all parties involved (i.e. vendor(s), JPS Information Technology department).
  3. Point person and liaison for payroll deduction program for departments involved and CBORD.
  4. Responsible for researching interface issues limited to end user and turning findings over to IT and/or vendor for issue resolution.
  5. Responsible for coordinating any system downtime with the IT Department and CBORD for system maintenance, software upgrades or hospital network downtimes.
  6. Leads team efforts to control cost and improve efficiency. Communicates and leads diet office team to meet all budgetary performance expectations. Constantly looks for ideas to manage for best results.
  7. Responsible for department-level testing limited to end user daily operations at the department level on the test server in the event of a CBORD system upgrade or change.
  8. Responsible for creating training documents as well as training staff in the operation of CBORD systems. Spearheads training efforts with all department staff using software systems. Educational materials and visual aids are provided in training efforts for staff. Monitors progress and identifies any competency issues with direct reports and department team members; works to resolve.
  9. Responsible for system quality control as it pertains to system operation and satisfaction survey.
  10. Generates reports as necessary for the evaluation of the system as well as business analytics.
  11. Responsible for maintaining system security for all levels of CBORD system users.
  12. Works collaboratively with Executive Director and makes recommendations and adjustments when appropriate to achieve computer related tasks and planning. Evaluates project work for system and future capital needs.
  13. Presents and creates policy or SOP’s related to CBORD system and newly developing hospital programs to be approved by JPS leadership.
  14. Required to be on call to coordinate “after work hour problems” when necessary.

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Gyna M. Bivens
President & Executive Director
North Texas LEAD

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