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Director, Emergency Management

Location: Fort Worth, TX
Job # 11521457
Date Posted: 10-24-2018
Description: The Director Emergency Management (EM) Director satisfies a Joint Commission required position. This role serves as a subject matter expert to the Tarrant County Hospital District (TCHD) staff during mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery phases. Knowledgeable in all administrative aspects of the Emergency Management Programs for the TCHD and has overall responsibility for coordination, strategic planning, regulatory compliance and budget development for EM issues and programs throughout the JPS Health Network. Works collaboratively and communicates effectively with Executive Leadership, Medical and Hospital Directors and staff to provide the overall coordination of EM Strategic Planning and Regulatory Compliance. Expected to oversee completion of a district-wide hazardous vulnerability analysis and the development, implementation and administration of the Emergency Operations Plan network-wide. Knowledgeable of applicable regulations pertaining to The Joint Commission, National Incident Management Systems, Texas Environmental Quality Commission and other pertinent regulatory agencies. Familiar with and proficient in maintaining and deploying related policies, collaborating with other departments as necessary. Typical Duties:
  1. Administers the TCHD Emergency Management Programs in accordance with standards set forth by The Joint Commission (TJC), Life Safety Code, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and facilitates the functions of the Emergency Management Programs.
  2. Oversees Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) federal grant funds.
  3. Prepares department operating budget on an annual basis and monitors areas of responsibility for compliance within current budget
  4. Represents the JPS Health Network in local, state, regional and national programs and meetings related to hazard vulnerability analysis, preparedness funding, program development, and mitigation, response, and recovery actions, including development of exercises with community partners.
  5. Coordinates the completion of documents as required by local, state and federal regulations regarding hazardous waste, environmental quality and other documents as necessary.
  6. Examines District needs and ensures development of Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA).
  7. Coordinates the Emergency Management Committee and collaborates with other team members to develop and implement a District-wide Emergency Operations Plan addressing the Main Campus and Community Health Clinics.
  8. Oversight of disaster exercises and drills as required by TJC, Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and OSHA.
  9. Coordinates and assists with day to day operations of staff, serving as primary resource to coordinate, facilitate and enhance the disaster response and safety methodology. Anticipates system needs, defines and coordinates utilization of Hospital Command Center (HCC).
  10. Communicates departmental needs to the Executive Director and maintains a positive working relationship with internal and external partners.
  11. Identifies and analyzes the design of jobs, work processes and flow for the Programs and suggests or implements appropriate changes to improve work effectiveness, productivity and efficiency that support the overall goals of JPS and the department.
  12. Identifies, designs, and manages the educational needs of district employees related to the Emergency Management Program.
  13. Prepares and administers departmental performance evaluations.

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Gyna M. Bivens
President & Executive Director
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