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Director, Infection Prevention

Location: Fort Worth, TX
Job # 11596380
Date Posted: 11-13-2018
Description: The Director Infection Prevention is responsible for directing, managing and ensuring compliance with the Infection Prevention and Control standards of the organization. This job serves as a resource for the organization, health system, and community on infection prevention and control issues. This role also acts as a key facilitator for Joint Commission (JC) preparation and is a primary resource for the continued readiness team on all standards related to infection prevention and control. Typical Duties:
  1. Prepares department operating budgets on an annual basis and monitors areas of responsibility for compliance within current budget.
  2. Prepares and administers departmental performance evaluations.
  3. Promotes departmental and organizational activities for providing courteous customer service to patients, families, visitors and external customers.
  4. Participates in Leadership Development activities; implements strategies and processes to improve employee morale and performance.
  5. Works with physicians, organizational leaders, community leaders, and staff to promote understanding of Infection Control regulations and functions.
  6. Completes hospital’s mandatory knowledge and competency documentation requirements within designated timeframe.
  7. Directs, supervises and supports functions of the infection control staff.
  8. Detects and records nosocomial infections on a systematic and current basis using National Healthcare Safety Network definitions.
  9. Performs daily reviews of Microbiology Epidemiological Report to detect clustering of pathogenic organisms in patient population.
  10. Oversees preparation of Infection Control (IC) Surveillance data presented to the IC Committee. Immediately informs Hospital Epidemiologist of surveillance findings involving unusual organisms or clustering.
  11. Conducts epidemiologic investigations of these findings with the assistance of the Hospital Epidemiologist.
  12. Monitors isolation practices and Standard Precautions while conducting surveillance activities on nursing units and in hospital departments. Reports identified problems to the manager of that particular unit.
  13. Keeps Hospital Epidemiologist, Administration, and Risk Management informed of problems and assists in the management and follow-up of Infection Control-related events.
  14. Supervises staff by determining workloads and schedules; evaluates and makes hiring, corrective action and termination recommendations; and ensures staff are oriented, trained and are following health system policies and departmental procedures.
  15. Identifies and reports information on specific communicable diseases to the local Health Department and other official bodies as required by law.
  16. Reviews relevant department, nursing, and outpatient clinics Infection Control Guidelines with appropriate leaders; submits reports of review and/or revisions to the Infection Control Committee.
  17. Attends and participates in the Infection Control Committee meetings, and policy and procedure meetings.
  18. Reviews State and Federal regulations/laws governing Infection Control, to include JC, AHCA and CMS Standards; advises the Hospital Epidemiologist, appropriate leaders and physicians of new and/or revised regulations related to infection control.
  19. Performs other job related duties as assigned.

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