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Industrial Process and Safety Engineer

Location: Gainesville, TX
Job # 11774680
Date Posted: 01-04-2019
Evaluate all aspects of work conditions and develop methods to prevent injury and illness while ensuring employee safety and health.  Promote workplace safety by applying advanced knowledge of industrial processes, mechanics, and ergonomic principles while adhering to company and industrial environmental, health and safety regulations.    Identify, analyze and control occupational hazards while promoting and providing information and guidance on maintaining compliance in safety and ergonomics by proactively identifying risk and applying effective countermeasures.  Provides support to capital equipment identification, justification, approvals and implementation process.  Advise on structural safety requirements based on failure mode analysis of such factors as fatigue, stability, stress, concentration and repetition. Design protective equipment of safety devices for machines, and redesigns machines and plant equipment to eliminate occupational hazards. Evaluate proposed occupational safety policies, guidelines and standards to determine their consistency with accepted engineering principles and practices and recommend technical changes as needed.  Works under the direction of the Safety Manager with high level of confidentiality, professional standards and ethics.
Duties and Responsibilities (essential functions):
  1. Works in conjunction with the Safety Manager and Facility Environmentalist to make decisions and provide communication and training regarding environmental safety, and health compliance with all state, U.S. and European Union (E.U.) regulatory agencies.
  2. Lead Lean Manufacturing improvement projects and exhibit a record of actively supporting past projects while strategically implementing 6S and EH&S practices.
  3. Apply Life Safety Codes to current and future state manufacturing layouts.
  4. Apply working knowledge of fabrication and assembly processes to the strategic vision, identification and implementation of capital equipment.
  5. Tracks progress of all capital in the Capital Approval System and reports regularly to management.
  6. Summarizes capital status and completions and prepares reports for management review.
  7. Establishes and maintains interaction with outside capital machine/equipment vendors with a strategic view to improve manufacturing and assembly opportunities.  Makes quality, safety and investigative visits to such vendors when required.
  8. Issues Capital Purchase Orders as required.
  9. Working with the facility environmentalist, develops innovative manufacturing processes to reduce/optimize factory utility consumption and manufacturing/raw material wastes.
  10. Manages significant cost capital projects including identification of equipment, justification of capital, and ensures schedule and installation is per project plan.
  11. Performs Workstation Risk Assessments and Ergonomic Assessments to all manufacturing and assembly processes in accordance with Zodiac Aerospace and OSHA requirements.
  12. Leads Industrial and Facility Change process in accordance with ZSUS and Zodiac Aerospace policy and standards.
  13. Design of major layouts with process flow, material handling considerations and infrastructure provisions.
  14. Creates and documents Standard Work Instructions for use my factory personnel that are in compliance with design and quality specifications and FAA directives.
  15. Reviews annual capital needs with supervisors, managers ME’s, QA, etc.
  16. Assists Capital Manager and CFO prepare Capital Budget.
  17. Justifies approved capital and enters data into the ZA Capital Approvals System.
  18. Performs other duties as assigned.
Qualification Requirements:
Knowledge and Skills:
  1. Must have knowledge of federal and state safety regulations (OSHA, EPA and TCEQ), as well as ergonomics, machine safety and environmental safety.
  2. Must have sufficient knowledge of manufacturing and related operations with detailed knowledge of such fields as product design, engineering function, tool design, tool fabrication, space layout, handling equipment, production machinery and equipment, N/C machinery and equipment, factory methods work, etc.
  3. Demonstrate strong organizational and coordination skills in an office environment with in depth familiarity to company rules and office procedures.
  4. Possess good grammar and communication skills with the ability to work under pressure, set priorities and handle confidential and sensitive company matters.
  5. Demonstrate above average capability for developing engineering analysis.
  6. Must have knowledge of basic material handling principles and products.
  7.  Must be capable of developing “Special Projects” that are reviewed at the Zodiac Corporate level.
  8. Ability to use advanced statistical and analytical methods for resolving complex manufacturing issues.
  9. Ability to champion and lead process improvement teams towards focused and defined objectives.
  10. Strong working knowledge of AutoCad
  11. Ability to work in a high pressure environment with frequent interruptions resulting in the need to reprioritize tasks.
  12. Must be able to properly handle sensitive and confidential information, and work well in a team-oriented environment. 
  13. Must be computer literate with PC training in Windows / Microsoft / Office Programs / Lotus Notes. 
Education and Experience:
  1. Must have a B.S degree in a related technical field (eg: IE, ME, EE) or an Associate degree with 3 years related experience or 6 years of job related experience.
  2. Additionally, two years of manufacturing required.
  3. State registered professional engineering license in Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Industrial Engineering preferred.
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Gyna M. Bivens
President & Executive Director
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